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Weekly News for Sunday, December 31, 2017

Family and the Future


1 Chronicles 4:4-10 - The sons of Judah were Perez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur, and Shobal. And Reaiah the son of Shobal begot Jahath, and Jahath begot Ahumai and Lahad. These were the families of the Zorathites. These were the sons of the father of Etam: Jezreel, Ishma, and Idbash; and the name of their sister was Hazelelponi; and Penuel was the father of Gedor, and Ezer was the father of Hushah.

These were the sons of Hur, the firstborn of Ephrathah the father of Bethlehem.

And Ashhur the father of Tekoa had two wives, Helah and Naarah. Naarah bore him Ahuzzam, Hepher, Temeni, and Haahashtari. These were the sons of Naarah. The sons of Helah were Zereth, Zohar, and Ethnan; and Koz begot Anub, Zobebah, and the families of Aharhel the son of Harum.

Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name *Jabez saying, “Because I bore him in pain.”

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.

*Literally – ‘He will cause pain’.

Isn’t family wonderful? [And aren’t you glad that I didn’t try to read all these names in a scripture reading this morning?]
I heard and interesting statement recently.... “Those who choose not to have children don’t believe in the future.” The scriptures certainly are about the future. In the New King James Version the word ‘children’ appears 1195 times.

  • What is our personal hope for the future? What is our hope for our children and our grandchildren for their future?
  • Dare we pray the prayer of Jabez?


MONDAY,  January 1
New Years Day - Church Office Closed

TUESDAY, January 2

WEDNESDAY, January 3
Keenagers (55+) Bible Study

THURSDAY, January 4

FRIDAY, January 5

SATURDAY , January 6
9:00 am Men's Coffee Break

SUNDAY, January 7
9:15 & 11:15 am Worship Services


ALL OFFERINGS to be counted for 2017 must be in the church by Dec. 31. If you have moved during this past year, please let the church office know.

MEN'S COFFEE BREAK The Maintenance Team invites all guys to a coffee time Saturday, January 6 at 9:00 am in the Fireside Room. We want to share how maintenance work in the church is being done. Drop by for a cinnamon bun, coffee and conversation.

Attention AWANA families. We are now taking a break for Christmas and will return Jan 10.

YOUNG ADULTS resumes with a potluck supper Jan. 8 at 6:00 pm Study to follow at 7:00 pm. Held at the home of Mike and Bonny Piska 13 Linksview Close. For more information call or text Corisa at 780-996-8687.

BAPTISM CLASSES with Pastor Art Jan 7 and 14 at 9:30 and 11:30 am. If you have had this on your heart, or want questions answered please contact Pastor Art.

SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT TRAINING Jan. 13 at 9:30 am or Jan. 14 at 1:00 pm. All volunteers working with children are required to take Safety and Risk Management once per year. If you have not taken training since last January you are due to renew your training. If you are unsure please contact Debbie in the office. All new volunteers please also come. Either continental breakfast or hot dogs will be served. RSVP to Debbie. 

MINISTRY FAIR: Join us in the gym January 14 after each service to discover what we have to offer for weekly study programs. You can also register for a mid-week program. Check the Journey to get more information before time and come on the 14th with any questions you might have.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SMALL GROUPS will begin Jan, 24. The Truth Project, The Case for Christ, 7 Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul, and Financial Peace. For information please check the Journey. Register  Sunday at the Welcome Center. 


 Weekly Update - December 24, 2017 
General Fund giving Dec. 24 $ 55,869
26 week average $ 25,246 
-- Budget requirement $ 24,327 

Future Dev. Fund giving Dec. 24 $ 1,465
--Balance as of Dec.24, 2017 $605,486

Monthly Update July1 to Nov. 30, 2017
General Fund:
-- Budget Shortfall $ 50,821
-- Year to date Surplus $ 913

Global Advance giving $ 41,264

Canadian Ministries giving $ 11,672


  • Our International Workers: Shelby Fehr, Nakamun Staff, Tim & Julie Wiebe.

  • Our Pastoral Team Staff Member: Josh Palsky - Pastor of Youth and Young Adults. Josh is married to Beth. and they have one child.

  • Our Administrative Team Staff Member: Joanna Halliday. Joanna is married to Joel and they have 2 children ages 10 & 7.

  • Our Elders Team Member: Anthony Toornstra. Anthony is married to Rosie and they have 3 children ages 7, 6 & 2.

Family Matters

  • Please check your mail box located by the Nursery hallway. If you have been coming here for awhile there is a chance someone has put a Christmas greeting card in your mail box. They are alphabetical according to you last name.

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