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We would love to be included in your special day! If you are considering having your wedding at Spruce Grove Alliance Church, however, you do need to know what we believe about marriage, as well as the guidelines we have established for weddings held at the church.

We require that all couples complete our “Wedding Request Application” and meet with an SGAC pastor before booking the church for a wedding. Beyond reviewing the church’s understanding of marriage, the pastor will seek to affirm that the marriage will be one that honours God and His intentions for marriage.

We will try our best to accommodate your requested wedding time.

What We Believe About Marriage

1. Marriage is God’s creation, and as such, we need to look to God’s Word to understand His intentions for this institution.
* Marriage is a visible expression of a spiritual reality (Ephesians 5).
* Marriage is to be a monogamous, lifelong union of one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:3-9).
* We are to model our marriage relationship on that between Jesus Christ and His Church (Ephesians 5:22-33).
* The marriage covenant is binding (Malachi 2:14).

2. As a visible expression of a spiritual reality, marriage demands spiritual harmony between husband and wife (2 Corinthians 6:14). Therefore, in most circumstances, we caution against weddings between Christians and unbelievers.

3. Weddings are pastoral activities. Therefore, a pastor must be involved in the planning of the ceremony. Concerning the ceremony itself, the presiding pastor will make the final decisions, rather than, say, the photographer or even the couple themselves.

4. God’s intention is that marriage be a lifelong union. Therefore, we counsel a time of preparation with a pastor or counsellor before the wedding.
* We suggest using the "Prepare” evaluation or a comparable curriculum.
* In most cases, we will ask those couples living common-law or engaging in premarital sexual activity to agree to abstain from sexual activity until after the wedding.

5. We believe that divorce is a departure from God’s design for marriage (Matthew 19:8). Although Scripture permits the remarriage of divorced individuals in certain circumstances, great caution should be taken to provide the opportunity to heal from the old relationship and to strengthen the new relationship.
* We advise a minimum period of two years between the divorce and the new marriage.
* We also recommend that divorced persons complete the “DivorceCare” series or equivalent before seeking to be married again.

6. There are, unfortunately, rare circumstances in which a pastor might counsel that the wedding be delayed or cancelled altogether. In those cases, we will extend pastoral care and counselling to the couple and, if needed, to their families.

7. Some wedding requests are always inappropriate and will be refused, including:
* Weddings and comparable ceremonies between persons of the same sex
* Weddings that are illegal under the laws of Alberta or Canada



SGAC offers support and facility space for families grieving the loss of a loved one and needing to host a funeral. Please contact the church office for more information or bookings.