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Pastors Jim and Brenda

Jim and Brenda Regehr - Transitional Lead Pastors

Phone: 780-962-4700 x 226

Jim and Brenda are joining us as our Transitional Lead Pastors. During this time, they will work together and with the board, church staff, leaders, and a congregational transition team, guiding the transitional process and providing some of the pastoral services the church requires. They will use this ‘in-between’ time as an opportunity to see God work to prepare this church for its next chapter of effective ministry in the community.

Jim and Brenda have been in ministry serving Alliance Churches for 27 years followed by 10 years in Transitional Ministries in Alberta and Europe.  They work as a team to provide a unique blend of preaching, pastoral care, visioning, and organizational health.  They live in St. Albert and their parents, 2 sons with their families all live in the Edmonton area.  They enjoy skiing, pickleball, walking and travel, when it is allowed:).