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Series: Landscapes That Shape Our Spiritual Lives

July 25, 2021 - The Mountain Trails
Pastor Joel Marquez lets us in on his recent vacation and talks about the many hardships on the mountain trails.
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July 18, 2021 - The Wilderness of Awareness
SGAC Children's Pastor, Coreen Frey, celebrates her 13th anniversary at the church by preaching about some personal wildernesses and how the enemy uses them to try to trap us.
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July 11, 2021 - The Mountain Tops
Pastor Jim Regehr reminds us that the mountain top may seem like where you want to be, but that it is not a place you can stay for very long.
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July 4, 2021 - The Coastal Boundaries
To begin a short series on landscapes and how they describe our spiritual journey, Pastor Steve Kim speaks on the dichotomy present between the sea and the land.
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