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Series: The Work of the Holy Spirit Today

June 19, 2022 - Affectionate God For Anxious Times
In the past 2+ years has there been any anxiousness build up in your heart? Do you find yourself functioning with this low agitation behind everything you do? Today we look at Psalm 139 and see how God wants to affectionally care for you. In this deeply personal Psalm, the Psalmist reflects on the gentle “hand of God” on his life and sees that He is the only one who can calm him, guide him and hold him fast in the midst of turbulent times. Let’s be open to “the hand of God” today as we allow His Spirit and Word to come alive in our life.
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June 12, 2022 - Transitional Update
The Transition Journey that we have been on for the past sixteen months has been preparing you for your next transition, the embracing of a new lead pastor. Today we are going on a transitional tour, reminding us of all that we have accomplished in this time and how we are now ready to move into the next chapter in the life and ministry of SGAC. You have a great heritage to build on and God has plans to come alongside of you to lead you “to be mature disciples of Jesus Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, engaged and equipped, advancing the kingdom of God in Spruce Grove and the World.”
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June 5, 2022 - Pentecost Sunday
Pentecost Sunday - Approximately one hundred twenty believers gathered together, waiting for the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit. And God showed up in a significant way - a loud noise that drew the attention of many and evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit through visible tongues of fire and speaking other languages. This was the church equipped to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it is promised to you - Spruce Grove Alliance Church. (Joel 2:28 - 29; Luke 11:13)
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May 29, 2022 - The Holy Spirit and Sanctification
This Sunday we will continue our series as we look at the Sanctifying Work of the Holy Spirit in our lives which includes His work to set us free from the bondages that keep us from serving our Lord Jesus Christ. But more than that, the freedom that the Spirit provides is a freedom to join our Lord Jesus Christ in the Mission of God. Galatians 5:23, 24 reveals to us the goal of sanctification, to exhibit the character of Jesus.
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May 22, 2022 - The Gifts of the Spirit
This Sunday we will be looking at 1 Corinthians 12 and the role of the manifestation gifts in the ministry of the church. Although chapter 12 will be the focus, 1 Corinthians 12 through 14 gives us a holistic perspective on these gifts. So, what is the source of these gifts, purpose of these gifts, the context for these gifts and the outcome of using these gifts?
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May 15, 2022 - Loving Faith
by Oliver Magnus

Luke 18: 9-14
James 2: 14-26
Luke 6: 32-35
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May 8, 2022 - The Gifts Of The Son
At the end of Ephesians chapter 2, Paul, writing to Gentiles, tells them how in Christ their status has changed from being outsiders to becoming insiders. We become citizens, family and ultimately a temple where God, by his Spirit, lives. In Ephesians chapter 4, Paul goes on to talk about the specific gifts Jesus gave to the church to make this transition from outsider to insider a reality in each of our lives. Read and reflect on Ephesians 2:14 - 4:16
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May 1, 2022 - The Gifts of the Father
Last Sunday we started a new series focused on the Work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus instructed his disciples to wait for the promise of the Father. The promise of the Father is found in Joel 2 where the Lord said, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people…” (vs. 28) Through the work of the Holy Spirit we are enabled to represent God the Father and God the Son. This Sunday we will be considering one aspect of the image of God found in all of humanity and how this guides us in our ministries. We will be considering Romans 12, particularly looking at verses 6 - 8.
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April 24, 2022 - Series Introduction
The Time of Transition: Resurrection to Ascension
This past Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ and considered its significance in our lives. This Sunday we will be looking at Acts 1:1-8 and reflecting on the forty days between Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension. What happened during those days and are they significant and what can we learn from them that might apply to today.
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