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Future Development Project: Phase 1

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Spruce Grove Alliance Church is building a spiritual home for the people of Spruce Grove and Parkland County. To meet the needs of today, and to enable us to support our growing communities into the future.

Read the background behind this project here.

Flower Basket Fundraiser - in support of the Future Development of Spruce Grove Alliance Church


Spruce Grove Alliance is once again partnering with Aspen Grove Nurseries to offer hanging flower baskets, just in time for Mother’s Day! Those who participated in this fundraiser in 2018 and 2019 will remember the beautiful baskets filling the church gymnasium, and adding a burst of colour to their deck all summer long. 

How it works:

Click here to order your 10" Hanging Baskets and 12" Hanging Baskets online 10" baskets: $28 12" baskets: $38

 Request shade or sun plants

 Share this fundraiser with your friends and family

 Pick up your flowers May 7 (noon to 7 pm) from:

Aspen Grove Nurseries
52405 Range Road 272 [Century Road], South of Highway 16A
Second entrance, watch for SGAC pick up signs


All profits from this fundraiser will support the
building campaign for Phase 1, the Christian Education Centre at Spruce Grove Alliance Church


Enjoy a walk through of the proposed new centre.


As of January 31, 2021 we have raised over $3.9 million in cash and pledges to support the redevelopment of Spruce Grove Alliance Church.

Thank you to all who have faithfully given!

The new build, along with site improvements, is currently budgeted to cost $6 million. We are committed to raising 2/3 ($4 million) of the total project costs in cash and pledges before beginning construction of the new Christian Education Centre. We will be able to borrow the remaining 1/3 ($2 million) through the Alliance District.

Please note: as per the District's guidance, we can only count 90% of our pledged giving towards the $4 million required to meet our fundraising commitment. At this time we have $812,364.00 in outstanding pledges, which are on schedule to be paid out by September, 2022.

As of  January 31, 2021 we require $100,000.00 in cash and pledges to complete our fundraising requirements.

It is our hope that with the continued dedication of our volunteers and construction team, we will come in under that anticipated $6 million budget. And through faithful giving, that we will raise the full amount of the build before the project is complete. This means reduced – or even no - debt when the Education Centre opens!

 If you haven’t done so already, please prayerfully consider what you are able to give to this project. You can give now, or fill out a pledge form to indicate your intentions for future giving so we can move forward knowing what funds will be available.

 ONLINE pledge form

Downloadable pledge form

For detailed Professional Services-Donation Guidelines, click here.

2019-2020 Construction

In February, 2019 the Elders’ Board approved a $750,000 budget to begin the preliminary work required to prepare our site for the new build, with the goal of being ready to begin construction of the Christian Education Centre as soon as our fundraising goals are met. This included utility upgrades, exterior site upgrades and changes required to the interior of the current building. A development permit was submitted to the city, and the team began gathering bids for the proposed work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed our construction team to complete more work than was initially anticipated during this season, as they did not need to be concerned about disrupting regular church programs. Renovations are messy: there is dirt and mud; parking is disrupted; and unexpected challenges arise.

But without many people in the building the team was able to:

  • Renovate the maintenance area
  • Remove the interior walls in the gymnasium storage and maintenance room and construct a new wall, complete with door, to isolate the construction area from the active use space
  • Relocate the 25,000-volt power line along our west property boundary, in coordination with Fortis
  • Install a new sanitary sewer line
  • Cut the floor in the maintenance space and excavate for the elevator shaft and building foundations for the new building
  • Complete foundations inside the existing building for the structure and the elevator, along with the elevator shaft walls up to the existing floor level
  • Pour the foundation for the new sign
  • Install new parking lot lighting – both for security, and to improve the curb appeal of the church
  • Install a new Cross
  • Remove the trees on the construction site
  • Begin to upgrade the church exterior, such as staining to protect the building and improve curb appeal

All of this work was completed well under the $750,000 budget approved by the Board. This is in large part due to the work of our volunteer construction team: thanks to their dedication, some of this work is being done with only the costs of supplies.

In addition, in 2020 the Board approved funds to complete additional work - including paving the church parking lot, and renovating existing bathrooms. While not directly tied to the new building, this work was included in Phase 1. Work continues to prepare the building site for the new construction. 

A huge thanks to the many that came out to remove the trees on the construction site.

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 Questions? Visit the background and history of this this project and Phase 1 here or read through the Frequently Asked Questions here.


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