SGAC Ministries Growth Groups

What is a Growth Group?

Growth Groups are SGAC groups of 10-20 people that meet to learn more about the Bible, grow in their faith, and meet some great new friends.

Is there a group that’s right for me?

The plan is for there to be a variety of groups that meet at different times, days of the weeks, and places so you’ll have the chance to find the group that is right for you. And you’ll have the opportunity to meet others who share your experiences and are going through similar things as you right now.

When can I sign up?

Registration generally begins a week or two before the sessions start, once in the fall and once in Winter. Check back for updates!

When will my group meet?

Our Growth Groups meet once a week. Groups meet 10-12 times over the semester. It’s a short-term commitment, but the positive impact on your life will be long-term.

What will the people in my Group be like?

Look around on a Sunday morning. A Growth Group is made up of the same people that attend an SGAC Sunday service. You’ll most likely see a few people that you have seen on Sunday as well as some people that you’re meeting for the first time. It’s a great way to get to know other people outside of Sunday service.

Where will the Growth Groups take place?

There will be Growth Groups hosted in homes as well as at the church. 

What does this mean for current small groups?

We hope that you’ll embrace the culture shift the pastors have been asked to facilitate where relationships take prominence in the way we do life here at SGAC.   

Existing small groups: please keep on being friends, supporting one another, and meeting. Having close friends at church is important and is one of the goals of Growth Groups.

However, we hope you will consider adjusting your schedules if necessary, so that members of your small group also have capacity to join a Growth Group. Our goal is for people to get to know a large group of people here at SGAC in order to feel connected and to feel like this is home. We have found that when we have small groups only, people don’t often get to know many people outside that group.

Still have more questions?

Contact Pastor Karen or call the church office at 780-962-4700.