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Deeper Life School of Theology

Spruce Grove Alliance Church invites you to join Deeper Life School of Theology. This in-house and online Bible School is affiliated with Christian Life Educators Global Network (CLEN). Earn your Diploma or Bachelors Degree in Theology one weekend per month with new classes starting this September. Affordable and flexible for the Bible student in you.

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Coreen Frey through the Church Office.

Upcoming courses offered 2020-2021

September 24-26 2020:
BT580 “The Trinity ” with Dr. James Beall
Relate to the knowledge of God in the Trinity and gain knowledge of ourselves and our relationship to our awesome and all-encompassing heavenly Father. 

October 22-24, 2020:
CC530 “Stress Management ” with Dr. Michael Ronsisvalle
This course is designed to provide an overview of how to minimize the effects of stress in one’s life. Emphasis is given to a biblical understanding of stress. 

November 19-21,2020:
HT650 “Jewish Roots of Christianity” with Dr. Ron Cottle
This course focuses on the relationship between Jews and Christians, the history of the Jewish people, and key words and practices of the Jewish faith.    

December 10-12, 2020:
NT225 “The Book of Hebrews ” with Ian Bond
This course looks at the historical context of the Book of Hebrews. Explore the overwhelming superiority of Christ. taught in Hebrews.

January 21-23, 2021:
OT414 “The Book of Nehemiah ” with Dr. Ron Cottle
Special emphases include the history of Nehemiah, spiritual principles of restoration, principles of church order and ministry.

February 18-20, 2021:
CC665 “Biblical Sexuality in the 21st Century ”with Rev. Jayson Graves
A biblically ‘sex-positive’ look at God’s model of sexuality, its design, meaning, purpose and challenges therein. 

March 18-20, 2021:
NT422 “Romans New Life in Christ ” with Dr. Ron Cottle
Emphases include the new life of the believer, righteousness by faith, justification, and the law of sin and death.

April 22-24, 2021:
BT516 “Theology of the Blood ” with Dr. David Alsobrook
God views all blood as sacred, but man’s blood is most sacred because man was made in His image. Jesus’ blood, because of who He is, holds the highest place in the heart of God. This course shows all that the blood of Jesus has accomplished.

May 20-22, 2021:
OT542 “The Book of Proverbs” with Dr. Charles Gaulden
In this course we will study Solomon's aphorisms as a guide to practical and successful living that enriches and brings glory to God. 

June 17-19, 2021:
PT341 “The Crucified Life ” with Dr. Sam Dyre
A study of scriptural self-denial. It helps the student to gain a greater understanding of the centrality of the cross and identification with the death of Christ as the means to a victorious life.