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Here are some resources regarding the Transitional Prayer and Planning Team.

 Click HERE to access the Transition Team: Terms of Reference - February 2021

We were so blessed by the members of our Transitional Prayer and Planning Team, and others, as they shared the SGAC Journey over the past 16 months. Dan Houcher did a great job as our tour guide as he walked us through the many events that have taken place since January 2021.

Transition Journey

Transition Team Update

 The Process to Hiring

After the Transition Prayer and Planning Team completed their work of drafting vision and mission along with the characteristics of the desired Lead Pastor, it was submitted to the Elders’ Board. Their final report included a community profile of Spruce Grove and Parkland County, a church profile of SGAC and a Lead Pastor Profile. This was reviewed and approved by the Board of Elders with input from staff and the congregation.

Once this work was done, a Search and Discernment Team was established to shepherd the selection process.

In the middle of March the profile was posted  with the Western Canadian District and at various seminaries in Western Canada. By the end of April we had fourteen (14) resumes, but only one that fit our expectations.

That individual was interviewed, and while a very good candidate, they were not the right fit for SGAC. The evening of that interview, Brent Foster’s CV (a detailed resume) arrived, and the Search & Discernment Team had a sense of excitement and was in unity to approach him asap.

He was interviewed a week later and the team agreed unanimously that his resume should be forwarded to the elders. Before the elders interviewed Brent his references were thoroughly checked and documented with clarifying questions asked to give the elders as much information as possible.

The elders met with Brent for an extensive interview following which they unanimously agreed to invite him to be the Lead Pastor candidate on June 19th. Before candidating Brent was introduced to the office staff and met with the pastors. Then on June 9th Brent and Erica met with the Elders and their spouses as well as some of the other leaders involved in the process for a social evening to better get to know Brent and Erica as a couple.  Through a number of these interactions, Brent and Erica got a good idea of the nature and vision of SGAC.  Brent also reported listening to approximately 30 of SGAC’s services to get a better sense of the culture here.  

Brent and family were in the service on Sunday, June 19th and you as congregants provided feedback to the elders. The result was the elders voted unanimously to call Brent to be the next Lead Pastor at SGAC.

The plan is that Brent will start August 15th and preach his first sermon August 28th.

We are looking forward with excitement for what God has next for SGAC. Thank you for joining us in this journey.