Get Involved Local and Global Outreach

Local Outreach

Ministering to Neighbourhoods

Show God's love in our immediate community. 

Grace's Table

On the second Friday of the month, we provide a hot meal for those going through a tough time that would find a meal helpful. Head to our Events Registration page to register for the next meal date or click HERE if you are interested in serving on our team.

For more information on these or other opportunities to reach others in our community contact Pastor Joel or Pastor Karen.

Grace's Pantry

Did you know that we now offer pantry items at Grace's Table meals?  Each family has the option to take one bag of groceries home along with their warm & nutritious dinner to further bless them until the next Grace's Table.

A collection box is located in the alcove in the foyer between the library & office for you to drop off your donations.  

Please consider donating some of these most popular items:

canned meat (tuna/ham/chicken) 
breakfast items (cereal/pancake mix/syrup/oatmeal)
granola bars
peanut butter/jam 
muffin & cookie mixes
Kraft Dinner/noodle soups
individually portioned and wrapped lunch snacks
household items (dish soap/laundry soap/household cleaner)
hygiene items (sanitary items/razors/shampoo)
paper products (toilet paper/paper towel/Kleenex)

Global Outreach

Short-Term and Long-Term Missions Experience

If you are a SGAC attendee and have been part on a short-term or long-term missions team in the past the Missions Action Team wants to hear from you. We are looking for people to share their experience on the afternoon of Sunday, November 21. Please contact Pastor Joel by clicking HERE, or click HERE to fill out a form to let us know your interest. 


Current Special Response: Ukraine Refugee Ministry

Donate today by indicating "Ukraine Relief Fund" on your envelope or in the notes section of your e-transfer.

(From the Christian and Missionary Alliance Website)

As of February 28, over 300,000 Ukrainians have fled across the Polish border. In response to this urgent situation the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada has connected with The Church of Christ in Poland. As refugees from Ukraine flood into Poland, church buildings, church camps and private homes are being used to welcome them. Currently the Polish people are giving all they can to help. However there is a need for additional funding to supply food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Reverend Bill Finnemore, a former Alliance International Worker in Poland, is well connected with the leaders there and will be the liaison with this Polish national church. Two days ago, Bill received an email from one of our church leaders in which he wrote… 

“It’s heartbreaking to see all the women with children crossing our border with only a few suitcases and coming in for the unknown. Our Mission through our churches is to comfort these people as much as we can with the resources we have.”

Poland Ukraine Update #1

Poland Ukraine Update #2

Poland Ukraine Update #3

Poland Ukraine Update #4

Poland Ukraine Update #5

Poland Ukraine Update #6

Donations can be made to the Global Emergency Response by indication Ukraine Relief Fund on your offering envelope. 

Your donation to this account will enable the C&MA to respond with emergency aid to people who have been affected by disasters both globally and domestically. 

The C&MA in Canada is committed to providing disaster relief in situations caused by both natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, floods, drought, and war. The Global Emergency Response Fund is designated for disaster relief for the various stages of immediate relief, rehabilitation, recovery, and reconstruction.

  Poland Ukraine Photo 2