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The Worship Ministries

Spruce Grove Alliance Church's worship ministries aim to create a meaningful worship environment in which the heart of every person is touched by the heart of God. We believe in using worship, music, and drama to reach out to people in a fresh and creative way.


Our CORE team meets several times a year to grow spiritually, work on skill-building, connect with one another and also to connect with other arts ministries. We perform drama for Sunday morning services as well as special functions and large outreach productions.  We also use our talents to create videos that are then used in different venues.  Excellence is a high value among our team – not perfectionism or ‘bigness’ – but a commitment to do the best with what we have.

If you are interested in getting involved, let us know!  There are many opportunities either on stage or behind it!


  • To picture
  • To imagine
  • To think


  • To furnish for service
  • To make ready by appropriate provisioning


  • To release
  • To enable

Instrumentalists & Vocalists

Instrumentalists (drums, bass, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion, trumpet, etc.). The worship bands rotate.

Vocalists (soprano/melody, tenor, alto). Typically, each worship team has one tenor (male), one alto (female) and two melody singers. The vocalists also rotate.

Volunteers must have the ability to commit time to rehearsals, services and any time needed for personal preparation; strong playing ability / ability to read (or learn to read) charts is important.

How Do I Get Connected?
Auditions are required for involvement. For more information about serving in worship ministries or to set up an audition, contact us here.